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Beaches at Andaman & Nicobar Islands


The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are home to some of the most picturesques beaches in the world. Beaches in Andaman & Nicobar Islands are uncrowded and pristine.

Feel the magic of unspoilt nature as you holiday on pure virgin beaches as you relax on soft sands with breeze caressing your soft skin with unadulterated affection.

Situated in the Bay of Bengal , Andaman Islands are strewn with sun soaked beaches rich in coconuts and tropical fruits.  



Sun bathe, swim and dive to your hearts content. Tranquil beaches of Radha Nagar and Long Island are simply exotic. The lovely beaches in Andaman Islands are just right for those on a luxury holiday and honeymoon.
Have unlimited beach fun as you holiday on the beaches of Port Blair, the capital of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Enjoy snorkeling and deep sea diving at Havelock Island.


The beaches of Andaman & Nicobar Islands  enchant you with their pure virginal white sands that sparkle under the warm rays of the friendly sun. Set out on deep sea fishing expeditions into the ocean and gaze wonder eyed at the panoramic vistas that greet you eyes.

See Corals and be enchanted with the vibrant marine life that greets you while you holiday on the beaches of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Corbyn's Cove Beach


The Corbyn’s Cove, is a serene and unspoiled soft sandy beach, set in picturesque background of lush green coconut palms and pleasant blue sea. The main attractions of this beach are the inviting water sports activities like surfing, scuba diving and boating. The Corbyn’s Cove beach, situated 8 kms from the City centre is the closest Beach from the city. This coconut- palm fringed beach, is ideal for swimming, surfing and sun bathing.
The Waves Restaurant, The Peerless Sarovar Portico Resort and the Hornbill Nest Guest House are at a stone's throw, from the beach front.  In fact, Peerless Sarovar Portico is the only beach resort inside the city.

Radhnagar Beach

beach andaman

Radhanagar Beach, popularly known as Beach no.7 is one of Asia's top 5 beaches. Radhanagar Beach in  Havelock Island has to be seen to be believed. Without doubt the Radhanagar Beach is one of the best beaches in the world.
The golden sands shimmer in the soft sun and the waves fall upon it in splashes of frothy turquoise. The sky is a brilliant blue and, with the vista of a never ending stretch of thick, green coastline, the entire beach is a delight. Radhanagar is like a fairy tale scene brought to life. Unbelievably picturesque, flawlessly astonishing disclosure of nature’s splendour can be experienced here.

Heavenly peace has dominated the place. There's pin-drop silence for a moment, and there comes a wave, gently splashing in a beautiful accord, and there's complete silence again till the next one. This splash is the only thing you can hear on the beach.

Elephant Beach

On Elephant beach in Havelock Island, people can watch training of elephants and elephants swimming in sea. People can also explore other adventures activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and sight seeing.  Elephant Beach is one of those unique beaches on Havelock Island which is untouched by tourism, and you can go snorkeling and see everything from eels to sea horses !

Long Island Beach

Long Island is 82 kms. from Port Blair. Long Island offers an excellent sandy beach at Lalaji Bay with unpolluted environment and evergreen forests. The sea around the island is frequented by dolphin convoys.
Lalaji bay Beach is 6 kms. away from the boat jetty at Long Island. Long Island is approximately 10km from North to South, 5km from East to West, much of it forested.