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Splendid food in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Splendid food in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Back in the day, before people from all across the world moved into the islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, people lived in tribes and were mostly hunters. Hence no particular cuisine was followed. Sea food like crabs, prawns, lobsters, fish etc were very popular and still continue to remain popular. When people started to move in to the islands, they brought in the cuisine from their respective lands. Hence the islands have now become the melting pot of several different cuisines.

Indian cuisine is a little more prominent as compared to others. The influence of Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Christian religions can be seen very prominently in the food. The impact can be seen in the spicy yet very tasty cuisine in the Andamans. However majority of the population of the islands of Nicobar still lives in the jungles. They belong to several different tribes and to this day they follow very old customs, even in food habits.

The tribes which live here still depend heavily on the food that they manage to gather from the forests. Their diet involves just about everything that they can find, from roots, honey and fishes to wild pig and turtles. The tribes in Nicobar continue to carry on cooking methods from the olden days. They aren’t comfortable with experimenting new sources and methods of food.

The islands in general are very popular for the exquisite sea food that they produce. One can easily find the influence of Thailand and Burma in the style of cooking. Although sea food is very widely available everywhere, it does remain a little on the expensive side. However it is worth it. Every single island has something unique to offer. Food that you get on the road side fits well into the pocket.

Walking along the street, you will come across several different food joints. Explore these options and choose the one you want. Some of the well known food joints in the islands are given below:

1. Full Moon Café, Havelock Island

If you are a couple looking for a beautiful getaway then this is the place to be. They organize candlelit dinners on the beach and provide the ultimate romantic experience. Even if you are a big group of people, you can enjoy just the same. The menu offers a wide range of food and they also offer daily specials. The menu also features drinks to complement the food.

2. Garden View Restaurant, Neil Island

This restaurant is located not very far from Sitapur Beach. The restaurant is small but offers a wide range of dishes which are very affordable. It mostly specializes in sea food. This place is very well for its grilled fish. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the place offers something for everyone.

3. Icy Spicy, Port Blair

In a place which is well known for sea food, Icy Spicy comes as a relief for vegetarians. Placed in a basement in the area of Junglighat, it offers Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisines. If you have a sweet tooth then all of your cravings will be satisfied here as the restaurant offers Indian sweets (they are famous for their motichoor laddoos). Also on the menu are Indian chats and mocktails.

4. German Bakery, South Andaman Island

This is a cozy little place is located near the Vijay Nagar Beach. Though it is named a bakery, it is a lot more than that. The place offers Chinese, Italian, Continental, Indian and Mexican cuisine. Like most of the places here, the German Bakery is also well known for its sea food. It offers sea food sizzlers, lobsters, butter fish tandoori and more at a very reasonable price. It is a big hit among tourists.

5. Fat Martin, Havelock Island

Havelock Island has a number of restaurants which largely offer a non – vegetarian cuisine but Fat Martin is a vegetarian restaurant. The place is especially known for its breakfast fare. Every dish has its own personalized twist. A big hit among the foreigners are the dosas and banana and coconut pancakes. A dessert on the menu “Hello to the queen” stands out. However there are only three tables at the place and hence it has to be shared with others.

6. Hotel Kattabomman, Port Blair

The place is located near the Aberdeen Bazaar and is a perfect place to stop by for a munch after shopping in the bazaar. It only offers vegetarian dishes and is especially known for its south Indian fare. It is almost always full irrespective of what time of the day you go in and this says a lot about the food being served. The crisp dosas served here are very easy on the pocket.

7. Red Snapper, Havelock Island

The décor of the restaurant is very inviting with its polished bamboo interiors and thatched roof. It also has seating on the deck and makes for a romantic setting. You can pick from the very lavish seafood platter. They also offer pasta which is handmade and also BBQ fish which can be accompanied with a very delicious olive and cheese naan. You can watch people working on the food in their glasses in kitchen.

8. Lighthouse Residency, Port Blair

This restaurant offers splendid seafood. You can select from the beautiful display of crab, tiger prawns, red snapper etc which then gets barbecued, cooked or grilled as per your wishes. It is served with some rice, chips and a Kingfisher. It also has a second branch which is far cheaper than this one. The second branch is actually more of a shack than a restaurant which is located near the water. Nonetheless it still offers the same kind of taste that you find in the restaurant. If you are a foodie and would like to try out something new and different then the islands of Andaman and Nicobar is the place to be. With cuisines from all across the world you are bound to find something you love.